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4 Things You Should Know About Fluoride Treatment

Have you heard about fluoride treatments in Seneca? You most likely have, since when we were children, we were often reminded of the importance of this mineral for the health of our teeth, but do you know everything about it? From the benefits to the precautions to be taken during the procedure, it is essential to have a clear understanding of what the procedure consists of. Let’s take a look and learn more about fluoride treatment.

Fluoride Treatments in Seneca


It Is a Painless Procedure

It is applied directly on the teeth, usually by concentrated rinse, foam, gel, or varnish for a period of time between one and five minutes, so in addition to it being applied quickly and easily, it does not cause pain. 

Recommended for Children, But Also for Adults 

Normally, dental fluoridation is a treatment that is applied to children from 6 years of age to prevent childhood caries. However, this procedure is also recommended for adults at risk of developing caries, to reduce dental hypersensitivity or in cases where saliva production is insufficient. 

Precautions After Fluoridation 

We have already mentioned that this is a safe treatment that can be carried out quickly and painlessly. However, certain indications must be taken into account once it has been performed, since the patient cannot ingest food or drink, rinse or smoke until at least 30 minutes have passed since the application. 

Supervision by a Dentist 

This substance is toxic if ingested and its application in inadequate doses can be harmful to health. That is why it is necessary to consult a professional dentist who can control the treatment and administer the necessary dosage for each particular case.

Fluoride Treatments in Seneca


Looking for Fluoride Treatments in Seneca? We Are Here for You!

Now that you have a general idea of what this treatment is all about, the next step is to start putting it into practice with the help of your dental specialist and under his supervision, to obtain the best results. Give us a call now at Hood Family Dentistry for an appointment!

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