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Does Fluoride Treatment Strengthen Teeth?

Fluoride is known to strengthen teeth and stop them from deteriorating. While naturally occurring fluoride provides these benefits, does the same apply to fluoride treatments in Seneca? This article will explore fluoride usage’s effects from various sources.  

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Facts About Fluoride Treatments  

In-Office Fluoride Treatment  

While experts believe that the best way to prevent cavities is to use fluoride from natural sources, fluoride isn’t enough. That’s why fluoride treatments are used to fill in the gaps left by these insufficiencies. With that in mind, do in-office fluoride treatments work?  

The answer is yes; dentist-assisted fluoride treatments work just as well as natural fluoride. Dentist-applied fluoride treatments are especially beneficial for those more susceptible to tooth decay or erosion. Ask your dentist if using a fluoride varnish would help protect your teeth if you have dry mouth, weak enamel, bad oral health, or crowns.    

Fluoride Treatment Procedure   

Although OTC fluoride treatments are available for adults and kids, your dentist may advise an in-office fluoride treatment.   

  • Fluoride Mouth Rinses   

Fluoride mouthwashes consist of a concentrated solution that you should swish around your teeth and in your mouth as instructed, usually once a day or once a week.  

  • Fluoride Supplements  

Fluoride supplements can be found in tablets or lozenges and should be chewed or sucked before swallowing. You can also drink a liquid form of a fluoride supplement and swish it around in your mouth before taking it. Your dentist will apply fluoride gel or foam and leave it on your teeth for a while before you can rinse.  

  • Fluoride Varnish  

An in-office procedure known as fluoride varnish involves brushing the fluoride on your teeth, where it will remain until it is absorbed by the teeth or is brushed off after a few hours.  

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Are You Looking for Fluoride Treatments in Seneca?   

Fluoride is essential for a healthy mouth and teeth. If you want to improve your oral health with fluoride treatments, our team at Hood Family Dentistry can provide you with the service you need. Give us a call today to schedule a meeting!  

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