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Pediatric Cleanings

Children need professional cleanings for many reasons. They’re at a higher risk of developing cavities, it’s essential to keep their baby teeth healthy, and it teaches them how to practice good oral hygiene at a young age. Not to mention they’re key to preventing costly restorative dental treatments in the future! Get in touch to schedule pediatric cleanings for your child today!



Dental sealants protect the deep grooves on children’s back molars. Bacteria and food debris often get trapped in there. Those are the more challenging areas to clean, which mean they can increase your child’s risk of having tooth decay. Sealants are thin strips that cover those areas, providing long-lasting protection and minimizing the risk of cavities.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is great for strengthening your child’s teeth and preventing cavities. It’s a natural mineral found in some water, tea, coffee, and toothpaste. A professional fluoride treatment at the dentist can reduce early signs of decay, re-mineralize tooth enamel, and reduce the amount of plaque on your teeth. We want your children to have strong and healthy smiles!

getting porcelain veneers in seneca
getting porcelain veneers in seneca


We understand how scary it can be for your child to have their first filling, but our team will make every effort to keep them calm and comfortable. A baby tooth will need a filling to preserve the child’s oral health and ensure their adult teeth come in properly. They’re also great for removing decay.


Is a tooth extraction necessary for your child? We do everything we can to prevent a tooth from being pulled, but sometimes it becomes a necessity. Common reasons children would need an extraction include a baby tooth negatively affecting the adult tooth, a facial injury, tooth decay, or to make room for an orthodontic treatment.


Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are essential if your child has lost a tooth too early. These devices are placed in their mouth to leave enough space open for their permanent teeth to grow. When your child prematurely loses a baby tooth, it could affect the alignment of their adult tooth. Since their jaws aren’t big enough to support the adult tooth, they might end up with crowded teeth that can negatively impact the jaw’s muscle and bone development.

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Most pediatric dentists use a liquid called silver diamine fluoride on children’s teeth to stop tooth decay. It’s brushed onto a cavity in the tooth and is a completely painless process. It carries little risks for your child, with only some temporary staining. Silver diamine fluoride treatments for cavities are recommended for very young children or special needs children, as these can delay more extensive treatments in the future.

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