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3 Dental Emergencies That Frequently Affect Athletes

Nobody ever plans on having a dental emergency, but every year, 1 in 6 people experience oral health problems that need urgent attention. Although anyone may require immediate dental care, athletes are more likely to have mouth injuries, which is why it’s advisable for them to use athletic mouthguards in 29678. Here are the top three dental emergencies that affect athletes, along with advice on how to keep your smile healthy. 

dentist checks patient's teeth before getting athletic mouthguards in 29678

  1. Cracked Teeth

13%-39% of dental injuries are related to sports according to the American Dental Association. Cracked teeth are widespread, especially longitudinal cracks, though they can assume many different shapes. They extend across the enamel and are also known as craze lines. 

You will still require treatment even though they pose little threat to your dental health. You must visit your dentist right away if a split results from a fracture that extends downward from the tooth’s crown in order to stop bacteria from growing in the fissure, which could eventually result in tooth loss. 

  1. Broken Root

Your tooth’s root may break if you get a hit to the face at a specific angle. It might expand from the root upward in a way that is invisible, making it challenging to spot. Frequently, the break isn’t seen until the tooth has developed a serious infection that needs to be treated with a root canal. In order to stop an infection, your dentist can quickly restore the health and functionality of your tooth. 

  1. Tooth Intrusion

Although you would think that losing a tooth is the worst that can happen, incursion can also occur, which is when the teeth are pushed back into the jawbone. Because a child’s alveolar bone is still fragile, it usually happens to baby teeth, but adults can also get intrusion. It’s vital you get protection for you or your children when playing sports 

dentist check patient's teeth before she gets an athletic mouthguards in 29678

Get Your Athletic Mouthguards in 29678! 

Don’t leave your mouth unprotected just as you wouldn’t enter the football field without a helmet. To protect your smile, request an athletic mouthguard from your dentist here at Hood Family Dentistry. We are ready to help you! 

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