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Protect Your Teeth While Playing Your Favorite Sports

Have you ever noticed how much you clench your teeth while you do your workout? There’s no denying that exercising benefits your health, but if you don’t take precautions, it might damage your teeth. If you are a sports enthusiast who wears athletic mouthguards in 29678, you should know how to make an effort to take care of your teeth properly. We gathered a few tips that you can make use of. 

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3 Tips in Taking Care of Athlete’s Teeth 

Wear a Mouth Guard 

Mouth guards protect your teeth from being broken or knocked out if you get hit. Scenarios like these can’t be avoided, especially in contact sports like boxing, basketball, or football, but you can keep your teeth protected by wearing your mouth guard. Mouth guards can also help you avoid teeth clenching and grinding while you play or workout. 

Stay Hydrated 

When you exercise, you produce less saliva. A dry mouth puts you at risk of dental erosion because it means a lack of minerals and proteins that protect your teeth enamel and help prevent tooth gum disease and tooth decay. It is very vital to stay hydrated while you play sports. The next time you work out, make sure to bring a bottle of water. 

Avoid Sports Drinks 

Sports drinks might help a lot in keeping you energized while you play. However, did you know that it is not good for your teeth? Your teeth’s enamel can be washed out by the high volume of acid contained in sports drinks.  

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Are You Thinking of Wearing Athletic Mouthguards in 29678? 

Mouthguards are a good way to protect your teeth and consulting your dentist for recommended ones will be the best thing to do. Here at Hood Family Dentistry, we offer custom dental care service to ensure that your needs are well taken care of. Should you want to make a consultation, please leave us a message here.  

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