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Tips to Get Used to Your New Implants

Dental implants are a safe treatment to show off a healthy mouth, however, it is still an external product that can cause discomfort and requires special care. If you are planning to get dental implants in 29678 or you’ve just gotten them, knowing what to expect will help you feel confident to look your best in a short period of time.   

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What to Expect from Implants and How to Handle Them 

You’ll quickly get used to your new implants and enjoy renewed confidence in your smile. They are considered more comfortable than dentures but it may take patience and practice to adjust them in the short term. Here’s what you may experience:   

Be Careful with the Way You Chew  

Some foods may be difficult to chew at first, so it may be best to start with soft foods as you adjust to your implants. Remember to chew on both sides of your mouth to keep the pressure even. 

Excess of Saliva Is Normal   

Your mouth will recognize the implant as a foreign object and will react by producing more saliva, something common in some restorative treatments. However, this reaction will reduce over time until it disappears. While you get used to the process, you can try to eat some candy (not chewing) to swallow more comfortably and at the same time reduce salivation.  

What About Speaking with New Implants?  

You will also need to practice this part. You can try reading aloud or pronouncing the more complicated words in front of a mirror. However, you should know that people choose implants due to the firmness and comfort they offer, so, if you don’t feel as good speaking at the beginning, it will get better shortly.  

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Looking for Dental Implants In 29678?   

Regardless of the reason why you need or want to benefit from dental implants, our team at Hood Family Dentistry has the best specialists in the area, and we are ready to guide you in the right direction, just contact us 

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