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Should You Be Using a Mouthguard? Most Dangerous Sports for Your Oral Health

Nowadays, most people recognize the importance of having healthy teeth. Your teeth will accompany you throughout your entire life, serving functions as crucial as eating. Sadly, many athletes suffer from dental problems because they do not use athletic mouthguards in 29678. 

Sports can damage your oral health in many ways. That’s why dentists advise many athletes to wear mouthguards while training and competing. Here are some sports that are especially on the radar of dentists. 


Which Sports Should Require a Mouthguard? 

While doing sports, you’re 60 times more likely to break your teeth without a mouthguard, which can cause irreversible damage to oral structures and require medical attention. For this reason, mouthguards are valuable safety gear for athletes.  

Here are some sports where mouthguards are especially crucial. 

  • Contact and collision sports, like basketball, boxing, football, handball, hockey, and martial Arts 
  • Limited contact but dangerous sports like acrobatics, gymnastics, or skateboarding. 
  • Heavy-stress sports, like weightlifting, as athletes can clench their teeth too hard during them. 
  • Extreme sports like skydiving or scuba diving. The extreme temperatures also lead to teeth grinding and clenching, which causes enamel erosion and TMJ disorder. 


Get Athletic Mouthguards in 29678 

Playing sports is great for your body, but they can be dangerous to your oral health if you don’t take precautions. Luckily, athletic mouthguards are the ideal way of maintaining both, ensuring that you live your best life. 

If you want to learn more, give us a call! 

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