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Is Dental X-Ray Safe During Pregnancy?

A pregnant woman must be careful with many things. This is an exciting time while your body goes through many changes. It is always necessary that you consult with your dentist in case you need digital X-rays in Seneca. During this period, you need to take extra care of your teeth to avoid dental issues like gingivitis. 

Digital X Rays service in Seneca

Can a Pregnant Woman Have Digital X-rays? 

Yes, the answer is yes! Dental X-rays are a safe procedure during pregnancy. According to American Dental Association and the American Pregnancy Association, the amount of radiation is meager, so it cannot affect you or your baby.  

Recommendations During and After Digital X-rays  

Although X-rays are safe, you can take some precautions to make you feel more comfortable. Of course, you should alert them of your pregnancy stage to take the necessary precautions.  

  • Ask for a lead apron to block radiation to your abdomen.  
  • Find out about available scans and the benefits and risks of each. Some types of scans, such as ultrasound and MRI, are safer than others.  
  • If your dental situation can wait, schedule the scan after the baby is born. 

Keep your Gums Healthy  

Remember, during pregnancy, you will experience changes. You might start eating more food, and hormones will increase in your body. Let´s check some essential tips you need to follow.  

  • Brush your teeth using toothpaste with fluoride.  
  • Floss your teeth daily.  
  • Try to have a balanced diet. And when eating something a bit unhealthy, eat it in moderation.   
  • Have dental checkups and professional cleaning as your dentist´s suggestions.   
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Ask Your Dentist About Digital X-rays in Seneca 

Talk to your dentist about your concerns about radiation. Contact us now and schedule your appointment!

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