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How to Take Care of Your Dental Bridges

If some of your teeth are missing and your remaining ones are healthy enough, your dentist in Seneca might suggest getting dental bridges to solve the problem once and for all. After a dental professional attaches your new prosthesis to the pearly whites next to your gaps, you’ll have to follow some instructions to keep your artificial teeth flawless and undamaged for a long time. 

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Tips to Keep Your Dental Bridges in Tip-Top Shape 

Stay Away from Certain Foods 

You’ll be able to enjoy all kinds of foods after you get your dental bridges since they enhance your chewing by filling empty sockets. However, some hard meals might force your prosthesis to exert more pressure to eat, resulting in cracks and costly replacements. Try to cut certain foods, such as candy, nuts, or dried fruit, into smaller pieces before eating them, or refrain from having them to avoid a dental bridge mess. 

Keep a Proper Oral Care Routine 

Not only is a proper dental care routine crucial to keep dental problems in check, but it’s also of utmost importance for your dental bridges to stay pristine and unharmed. Brush your natural and artificial teeth two or three times a day for two minutes to remove any bacteria hiding around your dental bridges. Avoid hard bristles and abrasive toothpaste that can scratch and remove the protective coat covering your prosthesis. 

Book Regular Dentist Appointments 

Aside from caring for your dental bridges correctly at home, you should schedule follow-up visits with your dentist, who’ll determine if your mouth has adapted to your prosthesis or if your new teeth did more harm than good. Booking appointments once every six months can also make your dental bridges last longer, as a dental professional can assess if they require a touch-up or replacement. 

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Looking for Dental Bridges in Seneca? 

You can care for your dental bridges by brushing, not eating some foods, and seeing your dentist occasionally. Our team can provide the restorative dentistry procedure you’ve been looking for, so schedule an appointment today! 

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