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Emergency Dental Crown Care

Having your dental crowns become loose or fall off completely can feel like a frightening experience. While crowns in Seneca are usually installed securely, there are times that they can come off and cause problems for your oral health. Secure your dental crown and take it to your dentist as soon as possible if this ever happens.  

Even though situations like this are uncommon, it is preferable to be ready if they do. Fortunately, many emergency dentists can reattach dental crowns. Here are the steps you should take if your dental crown comes off, to help you deal with this kind of emergency.  

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How to Handle a Failing Dental Crown   

Call Your Emergency Dentist Right Away 

The first thing you should do if your dental crown comes off is to avoid panicking and call your emergency dentist right away. You’ll need to make an appointment with your dentist to have your crown repaired or replaced. After calling and scheduling your appointment, ask your dentist for advice on what to do or how to care for your mouth until your appointment. 

How to Care for Your Dental Crown   

Cleaning and securing your dental crown should come after you’ve called your dentist. After washing them, inspecting the crown for any surface fractures or other damage is essential. This is important because your dentist will use this information to determine whether you need a new crown or only a reattachment of your old one.  

Avoid Eating Certain Foods  

Stay away from cold beverages and food when your dental crown slips off. The exposed tooth may experience pain, discomfort, or irritation if you persist in eating these kinds of food. Your dentist will advise against chewing food near the tooth that lacks a crown. To keep your teeth healthy, you should also avoid eating hard foods like nuts, hard candies, and some fruits.  

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Do You Need Help With Your Crowns in Seneca?   

Caring for your crowns isn’t as easy as you think. Here at Hood Family Dentistry, we offer high-quality and long-lasting dental crowns. You can contact our team if you need help taking care of your crowns or other oral health problems. 

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